Iphone 5: how much does it cost to Apple

4 years ago

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Iphone 5 has arrived, costing an astonishing 649! Certainly not for everyone`s pocket, especially while the world is starting a mass financial crisis. But that`s for another day.
Costing so much, one should think that Iphone would be really expensive to build, with top materials. You`re wrong.
In a technical analysis made by Techinsights, they write that Iphone 5 only costs 167 in materials to produce! So Apple is clearly robbing their customers, since adding the worker`s contribution to 167, I doubt it even gets to 400 per phone, since almost every process is automated or done by workers in third world or china (where work is underpayed).
It`s a scandal, and I`m certainly reviewing my position towards defending Apple.

Do you think Iphone 5`s price is too high?

Source link: http://www.iphonehacks.com/iphone-5

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