IPhone 5 can wear in your pocket?

In a post on his Google+ profile, the user John Pozadzides and reported a curious fact that, so far, there is no news of another similar. Let the pocket of his pants, donned the iPhone 5, getting the look that you check the picture above.

Pozadzides believes the fact that the structure of the smartphone is made of aluminum - instead of brushed steel, as happened in previous models - may have been the main factor for the device proves more fragile in this regard.

Although the incident was not any damage to the product, which continues to function normally. There is no way to say whether this is an isolated incident, the photo suffered some kind of change or if this is even a failure of the iPhone 5. However, if in doubt, be careful with the device in your pocket.

Update: Reader John Victor Marcelino sent us photos of another similar case in which the smartphone was even more lopsided than the photo above. Unfortunately, it seems, is not a unique case.

Source link: http://www.tecmundo.com.br

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