IPhone 4s vs. iPhone 5

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Many of us are excited about the new iPhone 5 that was just recently released, but is there really a huge difference between the iPhone 4s and the iPhone 5?

As of right now I have the iPhone 4s and I love it. I was contemplating on buying the iPhone 5 but wasn`t sure whether the money was worth because they are similar.

Some of the differences between the two are that the iPhone 5 has a larger screen with retina display, which makes colors more vibrant and image quality sharper than the iPhone 4. The iPhone 5 also offers new updates on a lot of the preloaded apps that come with the phone, but with a simple iOS update on your iPhone 4s, you can get many of these new features.

Also, the iPhone 5 has 4G LTE which is great if you use a lot of data and want the fastest 4G possible.

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