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For the first time since the iPhone was born four years ago, a new model didn`t arrive in June this year. The wait set the iPhone 5 rumor mill frothing to overflow, so when the iPhone 4S arrived as an incremental upgrade, fanboys commenced an Internet-wide rending of garments. Some critics grumbled that they didn`t get more, and I sympathize...kind of. Yes, the lack of 4G is disappointing. And yes, a totally new design would have been fun. But this is hardly the first time that Apple has chosen to make a subtle upgrade. Remember the iPhone 3GS?

The truth is that the 4S brings healthy improvements to an already excellent device. iPhone owners finally get a 64GB model and a better camera, the dual-core processor delivers more speed, and Siri, the iPhone 4S` personal assistant/robot friend/gofer, adds a new and sassy experience. iOS 5 also trots out changes big and small, and we`re glad to see Sprint join the Apple family with a true world phone. So while the iPhone 4S isn`t the Jesus phone, it`s quite enough for plenty of other people-- more than a million, actually.

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