IPhone 4 vs iPhone 4s FACETIME

5 years ago

Hey luuuxers

This post is particularly about the two most similar iphones.. 4 and 4s. Ppl have compared these two side by side for a long time. I just wanted to add my input.

My friend and i face time all the time. and i decided to do an experiment with her where we both had our iphones FULL CHARGED and then spoke on facetime as long as we could (which wasn`t hard really) she had the iphone 4 and i had 4s.

The result?
My one gave me my "20% battery" warning FIRST... so the 4s battery life isn`t as great as the 4.. IN TERMS OF FACETIME. now i`m not expert in technological things, but she`s had her iphone 4 for much longer than i have had my 4s (only 3weeks or so) and her battery life should have "shortened" since she`s had her phone for so long...yet it still lasted longer thank 4s.

So there you have it. just a little info for those who wanted to now i guess haah

BUT i love the iphone 4s camera so much i don`t mind at all

I do however charge my iphone 4s at least twice a day- that`s simply because it`s still new to me and i`m constantly playing with it.

thanks for dropping by, picture isn`t mine, link is below

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