IPhone 4 = Too Much $$?

4 years ago

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So i actually have been asking for an iPhone lately because i really need a cellphone now, and might as well a phone that i would keep for a long time. But i dont know if i should get the 4 or the 4S?
I actually dont find much difference, probably only the major one is the Siri feature, but thats it! They both look the exact same.
Anyway, but what do you think? I have a couple of friends that own iPhones and they all love it. I usually bring my iPod to school, so it is really like an iPod Touch but without texting and calling. And also alot of my friends say that their plans are like $50 a month! Im actually too scared about the plan, because i think that is so much for just one month, so i really want to get a good phone but without that much money! I would be willing to pay like $30-40 a month, bur whats included?

i was also thinking about getting a Blackberry, haha yes i know.... Everyone has BB, so it is easier to communite with them with the BBM feature. And also, their plans are super cheap! They can be like $25 for unlimited Facebook, Twitter, BBM, MSN, etc. And and unlimited texting with local calling. So i dont know, what to do!

What do you guys think? Should i go for a phone that i really like or just go for a phone that is cheaper?

Any questions or comments? Write below!
*photo is mine
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