IPhone 4 or Samsung Galaxy S2? HELP PLEASE! :)

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This is a time when Im very glad that I blog on Luuux, because I need opinions on one of the bigger purchases that I make. In January, I will be purchasing a new phone. The phone company that I use is Virgin Mobile. It as a non-contract phone company and Im a big fan because of how much you save on your monthly bill. You only pay $55 a month for unlimited everything, including Data, Call, and text. My main question is, should I get the Samsung Galaxy S2 that Virgin Mobile carries, Or should I get the IPhone 4? Those are the two phones that I am looking at right now, because those are the two newer, Better phones that Virgin Mobile has. Price does not really conseren me, as they are both similar, within a hundred dollars, in price. I do realize that both of these phones have newer versions, But all in all, Which phone is better?
Oh and just if it helps any:
My current phone an Htc Wildfire S, Which I loved for a really long time, But now that Virgin Mobile has some higher end phones, I would like to try one of those. I have never had one of the Samsung Galaxy phones, and I have never had an IPhone. I would like a phone with a lot of storage space; Because that is one problem I have with my current phone. Other than that I just want to know the all-around better phone.
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Source link: http://techfanatix.com/iphone-4s-no-longer-the-top-dog-loses-u-s-crown-to-samsungs-galaxy-s3/iphone-4s-galaxy-s2/

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