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4 years ago

Hey Everyone!
So on Sunday I won`t up and thought my iPhone battery was dead so I connected it to the charge and nothing happened no noise nor picture. I thought it was my charger so I go try my brother and then my sisters and nothing. I started getting nervous, I tried connected it to the computer and nothing I started freaking out and went online to apple support and it said it would be water damage.... I starting thinking to see if I can remember water falling on it and nothing.... I wanted to call my sister and ask her if she had any idea, but realized I don`t know nobody`s #....not even my house #. I`m so use too having all the info in my phone that I was too lazy to memorize any phone #... Finally, I remembered that when you upload things to your computer it saves everything!! I love that... So I found my sister`s # and called her she told me that a friend spilled water on the table it would have been that... Ok, now that I know what happened I google to see what to do. Every place I checked said put it on rice, I don`t know how that works. So I put my phone in a tupperware filled with rice, made sure my phone was covered in it and left it in there for 48hrs. With my fingers crossed and after 48 long hours without my life line. I checked and with a big relief it WORKED!!! I was so happy..... It`s been 6 days and is still working like nothing happened... I`m still sacred that it`s going to die any time, so I try to save my things every moment I get. I found a place where they give you a FREE diagnostic..... The place is called U Break I Fix, they have a website where you can find a location near you... I`m thinking of taking mine and seeing what they tell me... Finger crossed I don`t need a new phone or that the repair isn`t expensive..
Thanks for reading!
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