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IPADS!Who honestly would not want an iPad? Recently, my older brother received an iPad as a gift. And honestly I was very jealous of my brother. I was totally envying him for the past couple of days. These days the technology is amazing, especially the generation I live in is just the technology era. New amazing smart phones come out like every single month that I can`t keep track of whats new and old. Like my iPhone 4, right after I got it the iPhone 4S came out. I was just like really... Anyways I always wanted to get an iPad. It`s just so beautiful! I feel very weird talking about how an iPad is beautiful. But honestly its changing the world step by step. It`s changing everyday lives for the better or the worse. But if I had an iPad I can see myself using my iPad 24-7. I know my parents and my older brother are using it 24-7. My mom is always looking up beauty related stuff, my dad is reading the news, and my brother is reading or watching the democracy stuff. And of course in my family I am alone... I am iPad- less. But at least I have an iPhone. I feel that iPads are very useful . And that my parents should definitely get me an iPad. I wish my parents were reading this, but obviously they wouldn`t be. And just letting you guys know I am not spoiled. I even payed for my iPhone with the money I saved.
I just wanted to say that if you guys thought I was spoiled!Anyways, comment if you guys want an iPad but you can`t seem to get it for whatever reason!
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