Ipad Mini coming 2012

The ipad mini seems like it is a confirmed product from sources but nothing from apple. Sources say that the ipad mini should come out by quarter 3 of 2012. Also the device may or may not feature the retina display that is present on the iphone 4s, ipad hd, and the retina display macbook pro. Prices are speculating to be around $250 to $300. I read an article that said it would feature a display liek th iphone 3gs but it didn`t really make since to downgrade screen quality. With the release of the Google nexus 7 and microsoft surface apple is expected to dominate sales.

Source link: http://www.cultofmac.com/161009/the-ipad-mini-will-launch-in-q3-cost-as-little-as-250-report/

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