IPad Mini 7 inch with 8GB for $ 200?

The rumor that there will be an iPhone with a screen smaller gains more strength, then it is $ 200, then the market may have won.
We have heard of an iPhone with a smaller screen, to compete in this particular market segment, or a lower price, but all rumors. But where there`s smoke there`s fire and more rumors about this, iPad Mini can even become a reality.

Now it was time to bring in more iMore the news, even rumors, but they were to come about, will be excellent news. The screen size will be 7.85 inches, as I had indicated before. The news is about screen resolution, which the iMore, will equal the iPad 3, 2048x1536p, but use a pixel density of 326 ppi, like the iPhone 4S and higher than New iPhone (264 ppi).

The price is what you have been early, around $ 200, to compete with Amazon`s Kindle Fire.

But a screen of this quality at this price? For this to happen, Apple would have to cut the rest of the hardware and iMore points to a storage of 8GB, which I consider to be small in view of the screen quality and size of movies games and applications for a display of excellent quality. Maybe a better bet in the stream to combat iCloud little storage space.

Source link: http://macmagazine.com.br/2012/05/10/rumor-site-afirma-que-apple-vai-lancar-um-ipad-mini-em-outubro-junto-ao-novo-iphone/

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