IPad may cause RASHES!

Do you own any Apple products specifically the Apple iPad? It turns out a 11 year old boy who has a history of allergic skin rashes was severely allergic to nickel. Nickel was found in the aluminum casing of his first generation Apple iPad. But not to just point fingers at Apple, but nickel is also found in other technology devices from laptop computers, cell phones, razors, to some toys, even jewelry and obviously nickel coins! It is nice to be alerted of the side effects but overall, if you do experience rashes it is not life threatening - you may need treatment with steroids or antibiotics at most. Apple commented this is a rare side effect and that Apple uses the finest quality parts. A recommendation is to buy a case for your devices!

Do you own any Apple products? Have you noticed any rashes? I have a ton of Apple products and I never experienced any rashes considering I have sensitive skin!

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Source link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2691169/Itchy-rash-Could-iPad-Nickel-tablet-case-linked-scaly-eruptions-patients-body.html

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