IPad equipped Taxi`s, Smart idea or not?

In the next few weeks in New York City, you`ll be able to find some Taxi`s & Limousines being equipped with an Apple iPad. Not quite sure what version yet but it`s probably going to be the most current however I think the first generation would work too cause it`s not like the riders are going to take photos of themselves.

But anyway, what`s the point of the iPad? You`ll be able to have a more comfortable experience, you can play a game, visit your social network or even pay your fare via credit card with the tablet. The main purpose of the Apple iPad is so there is an App so you can play your fares via credit card.

<strong>Do you think this is a good idea on behalf of some taxi/limousines? Do you think by having this tablet, they would be robbed more then making money?</strong> I think it`s a nice idea for those who don`t carry cash to use the credit app but I don`t know if I would trust giving an iPad my info.. also even though its a good idea for that I think a lot would target these taxis/limos to steal the device..

Photo via http://www.psfk.com/2012/02/ipad-equipped-taxis.html

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