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5 years ago

So the other was looking at decals for my iPad to change it up and i selected a few that i liked and shared them with you, where i also asked to tell me your favorite.
Well, i was browsing some more and found others i also liked and its not making my choice easy. I wanted something from the Simpsons but they are expensive, but i did found one for a decent price and also posted it on the other post ( i also put it in this one i case you missed it, its the last picture) but i don`t know, there is something about the decal that seems off because the lines are to bold/strong on the decal and it also the decal ends before it gets to the end of the iPad, so it looks a bit strange.

While searching, i narrow down my picks and here they are.
I picked the ones you can see in the pictures and there also the following ones i liked but i couldn`t save the image and found the proper source on the ebay listings:

- http://www.ebay.ie/itm/IPAD-MAC-BOOK-APPLE-WILE-E-COYOTE-DECAL-STICKER-/150738979476?pt=UK_iPad_Tablet_Accessories&hash=item2318be4a94

- http://www.ebay.ie/itm/IPAD-MAC-BOOK-HIDING-MONSTER-DECAL-STICKER-SKIN-PAD-/150730885689?pt=UK_iPad_Tablet_Accessories&hash=item231842ca39

- http://www.ebay.ie/itm/IPAD-MAC-BOOK-WORM-DECAL-STICKER-SKIN-PAD-/150732914660?pt=UK_iPad_Tablet_Accessories&hash=item231861bfe4

Im actually leaning towards the worm one of this last link of ebay because its simple and yet its a decal that "interacts" with the Apple logo in a way that makes sense.
But i really like all these and im a bit undecided on what to pick and even though they are cheap so its not a big loss if it doesn`t turn out so well, i would still like to pick the right one.

<strong>So, which one is your favorite? Would you put a decal on the iPad?</strong>




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