IPad: Apps that I have downloaded part 1

4 years ago

I wanted to show you guys some of the apps that I have downloaded on my new iPad. I am still getting to know a lot of them so I may do another review in the future. But initally here are the apps and how I feel about them!

This first page of apps is nothing really exciting to be honest. Most of these are the apps that come pre-installed on the iPad. Before I got it I did a bunch of research and found apps that I thought I would like.

-messages. You can send messages from your iPad using your email address. I am having problems getting mine set up, but since I have an iPhone I`m not overly worried about this one.
-Calendar. a decent calendar that will let you store important dates or appointments. I use mine often on my iPhone, I imagine I will do the same with this!
-notes. I use this for my grocery list! this is just a simple app that lets you type lists, reminders or notes. there are definitley way more advanced ones out there (and I have downloaded some of them) but this one is great for what it is meant to be!
-reminders. I dont use this one on my iPhone, but I would like to try it on my iPad. It is exactly what it sounds like... a place where you can keep lists of things you need to do or reminders.
-maps. Just like the last one I dont really use this on my iPhone, I downloaded a different app. Since I do have it on my iPhone, I probably wont use it on my iPad!
-clock. This is a little different from the app on my phone. it is the same concept but it looks different. It includes a world clock, alarm, stopwatch and timer.
-videos. This is where you watch the videos that you have downloaded from the iTunes store.
-contacts. pretty self explanatory... :)
-game center. this stores all of the games you purchase in one place. They will still show up on the main page of your iPad if you wish, but this is a quick link to them!
-iTunes. this is where the music is kept!
-google. This is a link I added myself. I find myself always pulling up google to search something so I downloaded the app and put it on my main page!
-app store. this is where you purchase/download your apps!

this is just half of the apps on my main page! stay tuned for many many more:)

*picture is mine, please do not use- I took a screen shot from my iPad*

p.s- the background is my dog, Hailey:)

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