IPad: apps I`ve downloaded part 3

4 years ago

Hello friends! I wanted to continue with the different apps I have downloaded to my new iPad. The past two posts were mainly the apps that came already downloaded. I went a little crazy with the downloads because I was excited so some of these may not last too much longer, but I will review them anyways!

Here are the next set of apps:
-accuweather. This one is a really cool app that tells you about the weather. Not only does it tell you the forecast for the day but it has other cool features such as a hurricane tracker and how the weather conditions will support different outdoor activities and sports. I really like this one so far!
-beatwave. This is a cool way to play with sounds and make music. I haven`t really gotten to play with this one too much but so far it is pretty cool.
-dictionary. This is the http://dictionary.com app. I haven`t used it yet but I think it will be pretty cool!
-Dropbox. I haven`t really used this one yet but my research found that this is one of the best free iPad apps out there. It is a place where you can keep all of your files like videos and pictures. I`ll have I play around with it and let you know what I think...
-Evernote. With this one you can make lists and write notes while incorporating pictures and links and such. Seems pretty cool.
-the guardian eyewitness. I really like this one!! You can look at all kinds of really cool photography from different areas of the world.
-iBooks. This is apples version of the kindle or nook.
-movies by flixter. This gives you information about the latest movies.
-paper desk lite. This is another "notebook" type app with some really cool features.
-pcalc lite. This is the best calculator app I could find. The iPad did not come with a calculator already installed.

*picture is mine, please do use... I took a screen shot from my ipad*

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