IPad apps I have downloaded: part 5

4 years ago

Here is part 5 of my app review for the apps that I have download onto my iPad. Please bear with me, there is a lot more to come. But hopefully it will be helpful to you when deciding what apps to try out!

-RJ voyager. This is an app that let`s you be a dj. It is pretty cool but I have never done anything like this before so I really had no idea what to do. If you are interested in stuff like this though, it would probably be something that you would like. The cool thing is too, this app is free!
-epicurious. I have used this app a lot!! This is an app that let`s you search and store different recipes. You can search in different categories and find tons of different recipes for the same dish. If you like to cook or bake I would definitely check this one out!
-Wordpress. This is a blogging app. You can write and create blogs about whatever you would like. A really cool app if you like to write or blog.
-IMDB. This one is linked to the website. This is where you can go to find out information about movies and different movie stars that you like. Whenever I am watching a movie and I see someone I recognize but I don`t know where I recognize them from this is the first place I go. I like that I can now keep this on my iPad rather than having to go to the website every time.
-pixlromatic. This is video editing software. You can create videos and put it to music or simply edit videos you already have. I have not tried this yet, but I heard good things about it so that is why I downloaded it!

*picture is mine, please do not use- I took a screen shot from my ipad*

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