IPad apps I have downloaded: part 4

4 years ago

Hello Lovelies! I wanted to continue on with the apps I have downloaded for my iPad. Some of them I really like so far and some of them I don`t. I am not extremely tech savy so don`t expect an in depth technical review of these apps, rather a review from a real consumer who knows nothing about these apps other than what I have downloaded onto my iPad.

The past few reviews I have done had about 8-10 different apps in the review. Since most of those were basic apps it was easier to do a lot at once. I`m starting to get into the apps that I have chosen to download so I may do less in each review so I can go into more detail about them!

-wikipanion. This is Wikipedias free iPad app. This, to me, is very convenient for when I need or want to look something up on the go, I know over time Wikipedia has become more and more trustworthy. I can remember being in school and getting points off of a paper or assignment if we used Wikipedia! But times have changed and it is considered now to be a legitimate resource. I really do like the app!
-sunddrop. This is a game/ music maker. You create different sounds and pitches by tapping the screen to make lines. A ball will then drop and hit the line to make different sounds. You can put them all together to make music! Very cool, I think! A fun and creative way to let someone who knows nothing about music make a song. I know a lot about music (reading and composing) and I thought this was a really cool app.
-graimator. This app lets you create different art work using the different tools in the app. It is just a fun thing to do if you are bored or looking for some time to kill. Personally I like the music one better, but this one is cool too.
-google earth. This one is like the website online. You can look up an address and see it on google earth. It is always fun to type in your address and see your house. I can see my dog in my backyard when I type in mine... Haha!
-exploreflickr. This is a photo sharing website. You can load pictures and find pictures. Pretty neat thing to look at. I honestly haven`t used this one as much ad my other ones though.

*picture is mine, please do not use- I took a screen shot straig from my ipad*

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