Ipad 4th Generation Review

3 years ago

This will not be a full on review because I am not a professional. I cannot compare this to any of brands because I haven`t tried any other brands but I use to have the ipad 2 and you can tell the difference. The HD pics and video I love. This doesnt come with instructions but it is pretty easy to use, and even super easy for kids. There are many apps for kids. I love the kids learning and painting. I would recommend this to just anybody. Great for watching movies and youtube. I was going to get the ipad 3 but when I ordered this one they were all out of the one I wanted. I got the 16GB but not I know I need more gigs for sure. I do all my work on this and take all my pics and print. I play games too when I can. Apple has many free games in the App Store. The only thing I bought was music of course. I was also able to transfer music from my old lap top onto here via iTunes.

As you can see I have a case which is the otterbox. I bought this on eBay for $55 which is quite expensive but I decided to get because I want this device to last. I bought the stylus from Marshall`s a couple of months ago and still have not used it yet. I got the ipad back in November as a gift from my granny. So much easy to tote this around then to have to lug my old 15" laptop around, plus this fits into most of my purses.

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