IPad 3 To Keep Home Button After All

5 years ago

Just a couple of days ago i posted about the possibility of the new version of the iPad not having a physical home button but instead a touch sensitive one. This was rumored because of the invite that Apple sent that featured part of an ipad without a home button and with the words they used on the invite, people started to think that Apple was taking the home button away.
I didn`t liked the idea and i remember that some of you luuuxers didn`t liked it also, so we can rest because it seems that Apple is keeping the home button. New images ( the ones you see in the post) show a iPad 3 replacement part for the digitizer, which what records you touching in the screen and as you can see, the home button is there =D

It seems that Apple was just joking with us or maybe to test and see the crazy interpretations that people could do with the invite. Again, there is not 100% confirmation until the actual keynote, but i believe that the replacements parts are real and the home button will stay.

<strong>Are you glad to see the home button will stay or you preferred a touch sensitive button?
Will you be getting the new iPad?</strong>

(picture from the source)

Source link: http://www.ubergizmo.com/2012/03/ipad-3-home-button-still-present/

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