IPad 3 Concepts

5 years ago

As the release of the iPad3 gets closer, the speculation continues. Supposedly we are looking at March for the release date. Since it will be a first of Apple releasing something since Steve Jobs has passed, the anticipation is high.

There will most likely be a new and improved display. I guess there are new resources that have been discovered to somehow make the retina display look even better!

I`ve also heard that this could be a smaller, cheaper model made to compete with some of the other brands of tablets that aren`t as large or expensive as the iPad2.

I think with each model of iPad, it will become more and more advanced as to eventually take out the laptop computer market. And eventually maybe even the desktop computer market.

I am wondering if Luuux will keep the iPad 2 on the store or if the iPad 2 will go down in value and the iPad 3 will be added at the current iPad 2 price. I`m hoping
the iPad 2 goes down in price! What do you guys think?

It is hard to speculate because Apple always comes out with the newest of technology that most people could not even have imagined how good a device could become! I can`t wait to see the new model, what about you?

What features do you want to see in the iPad 3 and are you going to get one?

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