Ipad 3 Coming out on March

5 years ago

Hello luuuxers im making this post to talk about the ipad 3 that is coming out on March.
This new ipad might have better camera, better battery, SIRI, and Hd vidio recorder with stabilization.
Thats only the rumors that are going all over the internet and we dont know if its true.

Im saving on luuux for the ipad 2 but i dont have even half of the points and wen i have it luuux might have the ipad 3 so lets whait to see.
If you have an ipad 2 right now i think that you shouldn`t buy the ipad 3 because they are only going to make a few changes and that`s it...Just wait one year more and then buy the other ipad.


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Are you thinking on guetting the ipad 3?
What changes do you think this ipad will have?

Source link: http://macmagazine.com.br/2011/07/18/depois-do-iphone-4s5-leitor-cria-mockup-mostrando-como-podera-ser-o-ipad-3hd/

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