IPad 2 Photo Frame and Dock

5 years ago

iPad 2 is a cool device, with great features and now everybody around the world seems to have or want one... I must confess that at first, when tablets first came out, I was a little bit reluctant about all this tablets. In my head they were just like big phones without the capability of making phone calls. I mean, in my opinion, all that you do with a Tablet, you can make with a great smartphone... Besides that , you can also make phone calls. But then, tablets clearly started to gain a large piece of market. And in my opinion they still are like large phones, but now I understand that they can become useful in a lot of situations where a job needs to be done on the go, due to the size of the screen and its portability.

But now, tablets, in this case the iPad 2, will be used for one more thing... From now on, it can be used as a digital photo frame, all because of this very cool and great designed frame, specially designed for it.

As you can see, the iPad perfectly fits the frame, that has a built in home button to allow you to not only use iPad as a digital photo frame, but also to use it normally, without the need of take it out every time that you need to do something on it. Besides that, the frame also charges the iPad and has built-in speakers, so it also works as any other iPad dock.

There are lots of uses that you can have with only one piece of technology... Besides that, the frame also has an awesome design.

You can buy this Photo frame for iPad to for something like $100, which is a little bit high, compared with other docks... But it also is a photo frame, so...

What do you think about this? Would you buy it? Would you use your iPad 2 as a digital photo frame?

Source link: http://www.geekalerts.com/ipad-2-photograph-frame/

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