IPad 2 or Eee Pad?

I own both of these devices. I`ve had the original eee pad transformer since last spring. I was gifted the iPad 2 for Christmas. Here are the advantages of both, in my personal experience:

Asus Transformer

-Notifications bar
-More personalization options
-Multi tasking bar
-Alarm clock on screen
-No need to open an app to see the weather
-Widgets for even more customization
-Plays flash
-Micro sd card slot
-Google search on screen
-$100 cheaper for the tablet
- amazon app store
- optional keyboard dock ($150) that features an extra battery, usb & sd card slots

Apple iPad 2

- more apps
- longer battery life, I can leave it on standby for 3 days before I have to recharge
- alot easier to find accessories for ipad2 than the transformer
- less complex
- better audio

These tablets have their ups and downs. I prefer the transformer over the iPad because of the personalization options with widgets. I love to customize my things to my liking!

Which do you prefer?

*last picture from source link below, I took the others

Source link: http://www.tabletvstablet.com/2011/03/17/ipad-2-vs-asus-eee-pad-transformer/

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