IPad 2 Camera - Good?

5 years ago

photo from source link below.

So probably you guys already know that Apple has released their New iPad now, and they did improve and change the features of it, but i do think it is the same as the 2, but probably the most important feature that i liked the most is the camera. They improved the camera, and it is now 5MP. Thats really good quality, and i totally want an iPad 3 because of that.
I have an iPad 2, and personally the camera is NOT good at all! It is really "grainy", and i find it like really bad webcam quality. it is horrible. Like you know on the iPhone camera how it is so clear and sharp, how can it not be like that for the 2?
Yes yes, it really isnt meant to be a camera, but if youre going to have one, at least make it good and "useable" haha!

Any questions or comments? Write below!
*photo not mine

Source link: http://www.netbooknews.com/21306/ipad-2-camera-has-lower-resolution-than-its-display/

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