IPad 2 - Should i Get the 3 or not?

5 years ago

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So i actually have the iPad 2, and if you didnt know i got it from here! So, it was such a big prize for me, and i love it.
So if you dont know, recently the Ipad 3 came out and alot of people have been asking me if i should keep the 2 or sell it and get the 3.
The iPad for me is so handy! I barely use my computer now because i usually dont do much on it, check Facebook, emails, etc. So i personally dont really dont need to turn on a whole computer to do that, when all i could do is just use the iPad.
I find it super handy and also convient, so i dont have to bring my whole laptop. Also the iPad 2 is just like a big iPod Touch, i can download apps and games, and even music or videos.
I personally find the iPad 2 just the same as the iPad 3! Only that the iPad 3 has improved the camera, so now it is 5MP! Thats amazing, because the iPad 2 camera is horrible. I find it so blurry and it is seriously like webcam quality.

I think i would personally keep the iPad 2 because i dont find much difference in the two devices. And they are actually the same (in design), so thats good that not too much has changed!

Do you think Apple will release an iPad 4?

Any questions or comments? write below!
*photos are mine

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