Ipad 1 and 2 NOW IPAD 3!!!!

5 years ago

Ipad 1 then ipad 2 and now ipad 3!!!! Are they all the same? Or are the all different? And whats the best one? Apple has been on fire recently with all the new releases theyve had. One of there most talked about product is the ipad. Is it as good as everyone says or is it just one of those products that everyone wants for entertainment. The ipad is an amazing tablet that you can read books on, watch movies, play games, take pictures, search the web and much much more. Its like a mini laptop but for on the go. All the ipads have the same features but each one has changed on the way to make it the best it can be. For example the ipad 3 has more apps then the ipad 2 and ipad 1 also the ipad 3 has better improved features such as voice dictation. The ipad 2 is the lightest ipad so far but the ipad 3 has a better and improves camera. In my opinion all the ipads are the same as apple just improves them by developing some of the features and adding a few more features they dont really make any major changes so therefore I feel I could buy any of them and they would be them same. However I would recommend buying the ipad 3 as it is he newest this means youre going to get the best you can. If you already have an ipad then I think you should just wait because apple may just release a new one. Overall I would give the ipad 4 out of 5 for its unique easy nice design.

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