Iowa State Fair! FT Rascal Flatts and the Eli young Band

4 years ago

Okay so this was a couple weeks ago the fair is long over now, but it was a fun time! I attended the Iowa State Fair with my roommates from last year. In April we ordered Rascal Flatts tickets all next to each other and this was our last bash together since a couple of them started classes the next morning. The Iowa State Fair is held in the state`s capitol of Des Moines which is about an hour and twenty minutes away from my dorm. We attended the fair on the last day so entry was $5 instead of $10! not bad! We walked around the fair for a few hours before the concert started enjoying the carnival a bit but mostly eating and people watching. I enjoyed a wonderful Turkey Leg which actually was really good. I wanted to enjoy other things but I didn`t really get the chance. One thing that is famous at the Iowa State Fair is Fried Butter. Everyone I talked to said it tasted like a Cinnamon roll, but I never got the chance to try it so I couldn`t tell you. Plus I`m not sure I would`ve eaten that one anyway`s it sounds kind of unhealthy. Just a little though ;) After walking around and looking at the carnival games we attended the main event of the night which was the Rascal Flatts concert in the Grand Stands. Our seats were four rows up (not on the floor) and to the stage right. We had really good seat and so much fun! The opener was Eden`s Edge they weren`t too bad. I wouldn`t go out of my way to see them again or buy their CD. Because we met them and they were very rude. The second opener was one of my favorite bands the Eli Young Band! They were amazing! They played a bunch of my favorite songs including Even If It Breaks Your Heart, Crazy Girl, I Love You and, Skeletons! Plus! We were lucky enough to meet the group! Now we didn`t get to take pictures, but we did get autographs! The members of the band were such sweet hearts! I hope they come around again I would pay to see them. The other groups was Little Big Town. I guess they`re really famous but i`m not a huge fan and I was in line waiting to meet the Eli Young Band while they were performing, so I didn`t catch much of their show. Then finally the best moment was when Rascal Flatts came on stage and sang their hearts out! It was a magical moment! They played two songs that will never be topped! One made me cry and the other had everyone laughing and dancing. They sang Life is a Highway while playing clips from the movie Cars. It is such an upbeat song that you can`t not dance to it! It was so much fun especially when you could hear everyone singing! The other song was What Hurts the Most. The week before the show I lost a young to Cystic Fibrosis who was like a little brother to me so hearing that song live broke my heart. But it was still such a magical moment. After the bands all performed and left the stage there was a HUGE fireworks display including multiple gas bombs. The fireworks lasted a good 15 minutes it was wonderful ending to the show! As we were leaving the fair was still going on but a few of the girls had classes the next morning so we took our pictures and said our goodbyes. This is one of those nights I`ll be telling my kids about when they`re starting college. That they will make friends that they will go on crazy adventures with, who will see them at their bests and worst and will be there forever! I hope this holds true with my college friends, i love them all like family and I hope our relationship continues even after this school year when I`m back in Michigan for good.
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