IOS6 Review

4 years ago

With the new iPhone 5, Apple also released the new iOS6 for those with iPhone 4 and 4s to upgrade.

I upgraded my iPhone 4s last night and got to play around with some of the old and new features and I`ll be providing a quick review for you =) This is a VERY LONG POST!

The biggest new features on the iOS 6 were:
Maps - now powered by Tom Tom
New interface
Do Not Disturb Function
Privacy Function
Better Siri

Maps - Tom Tom
Overall I have no problems with Tom Tom but a lot of people do. Tom Tom is a GPS system designed in Hong Kong and it is one of the more popular ones, amongst Garmin. My coworker told me that when he used Tom Tom, it lead him to a back alley, 3 streets away from his destination. When my boyfriend uses Tom Tom, it likes to loop around on him. Personally, I have not tried Tom Tom yet but since I already hated the original Apple maps, I don`t think Tom Tom can get any worse on me. Whenever I used Google Maps in Downtown Toronto, it keeps changing directions on me because it gets confused between East and West streets. The map also has a 3D function now, which isn`t all that useful I find, especially since the iPhones do not have 3D display.

New User Interface:
As you can see from the photo, the new settings now has a blue glow at the top. It`s not that big of a change but it looks better now. The change I loved was the new Music interface. They eliminated the curves and everything looks more modern and chic.

New Settings:
Under settings, you now have a Do Not Disturb function. This is extremely useful for me when I sleep as I do get work e-mails between 10 pm and 6 am in the morning. The usual vibrations wake me up. With this new function, all messages, e-mails and notifications get muted automatically. Instead, they all appear when you unlock your phone in your notifications. This, I found to be very useful.
There is also a new Privacy feature, which isn`t all that new. But they moved it up and now all your apps go through another privacy channel. When you first update, you have to go in and enable all the Facebook, E-mail and App syncs as they are disabled when you update. The sync includes photo sharing, access to location etc.

The best part is, e-mails can now support image attachments! Originally, you had to go to your photos, go to edit and then send it via e-mail. The pain was you could only attach one photo to every e-mail rather than multiple photos to one e-mail. Simply open your e-mail, go to Compose and hold down your finger on the screen. The attachment icon will pop up and prompt you.

Unfortunately I don`t use Siri so I can`t give a review on it but all I know is that Siri is supposingly improved. By how much I`m not sure and if she`s even useful in Canada, I`m not sure yet. Sorry guys ><

Battery Life:
The main complaint was that once you upgraded to iOS6, the battery life drained significantly. All my friends` iPhone 4s died within 2 hours due to the battery draining issue after updating. Thankfully mine didn`t yet. But once they restarted the phone a few times, the problem fixed itself. So if you experience that problem, please try the restart method, maybe it`ll help!

I noticed that all my apps crashed after I updated to iOS6, I believe its due to the incompatibility. However, this morning when I checked, half of them started working again. So I hope this issue will resolve itself soon.

Hope that helps!

*photos are screencaps from my iphone*


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