Inuyasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale

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Yet still another game review from me! This one is called Inuyasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale! Released in 2002 and 2003 respectively for the Play Station, AFFT is a side fighting game made by the same people who did the Gundam: Battle Assault 2 game. You take the role of any of the main characters and go through a "Story Journey" around the areas from the anime series, battling the other characters to acquire Sacred Jewel Shards, eventually leaded you to face Naraku (or Inuyasha if you are playing as Naraku) for a final battle.

The game play`s controls are again very similar to most fighting games in which you use the D-Pad and the X, /, O, and square buttons in combinations to use the character`s moves, attacks, and weapons. This time in this game you could use the R1, R2, L1, and L2 buttons as well. Graphics for the game were also Hand Animated adding to the greater details of the characters during fights. This added to the smoothness and clarity of the fights making it seem more like fights in the anime series. Many of the sound effects came strait out of the anime series, but many were again reproduced for the game to be as accurate as possible. This really helped bring the game up to a whole new level for fighting games for this day. The Soundtrack had many of the familiar songs from the anime series blended into techno looping battle songs, again making the fights feel a lot more fast paced and exciting. The only small downside to the game is that it never received and English dub, thus all the characters yells, cries, attack name yells, and dialogue within the game itself was all in Japanese, though it did have English subtitles. As said before this game doesn`t really have a story but does have a Story Journey mode where you go around battling the other characters from the series to collect Sacred Jewel Shards and eventually fight your way to the evil Naraku (or Inuyasha if you are playing as Naraku). Other modes to the game was VS Computer, Vs 2nd Player, Practice, and Extras. The extras mainly has special drawings by the game staff, sound effect, dialogue, and unlockable images for each character. Along in Extras you could also unlock special characters from the series that are not available strait off. You could either unlock them via cheat code or meet special requirements in the Story Mode.

All in the all this game is also very fun to play. Both my Brother and I spent hours playing it and against each other to see who was better... this time it was more of a draw. So If you`re looking for an anime based fighting game then this one I do highly recommend.

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