Introduction..shortampsweet, just like me

Okay so my name is going to remain unpublished but I am female(obviously), I am 5ft2", I have blonde wavy hair and big blue eyes, I like parts of myself and other parts I dislike, I am quite self conscious at times and at other times I am full of confidence, I go to a state school because I feel that it`s good for me to socialise with people from different backgrounds from myself although I must admit, I hate the private school uniforms in my area! Sounds stupid I know but thats a little about me.

My love life is all over the place, I have been cheated on, played on, used, taken advantage..the lot! I don`t believe all boys are the same, I believe there is always someone out there for you no matter how you look or what your personality is like.

My parents are divorced and my family is pretty big. My dad re-married five years ago and the outcome of the marriage has been my gorgeous 2.5 year old brother Jack, my mum ended her 10year relationship with her ex boyfriend last September and has since been dating another man who is lovely! I have an older brother who is going to university this autum, my dad is a banker at RBS in London and my mum is a teacher. My stepmum advertises different charities and my mum`s boyfriend is a depeuty head at a school. My grandpa lives two minutes down the road from my mums house as him and my granny divorced several years back. He has his own business which is very successful. My family is close with the British Royal family as we have attended garden parties ect. My grandpa is close friends with Prince Charles and went to his and Diana`s wedding. I have a dog at my mum`s house and a dog at my dad`s house. I have quite a few friends but only really trust a few, never give someone your trust unless they give you theirs. I love cruises, five star hotels, champagne, afternoon tea at the Ritz, clothes, shopping, Tiffany, Mulberry and of course Jimmy Choo, Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie and Fitch.I would say my style is very chelsea and preppy like, I like classic english style.

So there`s a little about me, just some background information really:)
Stay tuned for more,
You know you want me, mwah.xoxo

(Diary Of A Rich Girl)

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