Intouchables (2011), the best movie I`ve seen lately

Hello! How was your day? Mine was just ok, I`m finally home after work and running errands and I`m trying to beat this cold (yeap, I did it again! I`m sick!)...
It`s so hard writing at this seems my thoughts don`t want to take a shape... This movie is to blame, because, although I saw it twice already and I`ve been wanting to write a brief review, I feel like what I`ll say won`t do this movie any justice... it`s that profound, emotional and true.
It`s a French movie, as the name states, <em>Intouchables</em> (engl. Untouchable), that already won at the Tokyo International Film Festival, the Best Actor Award and Tokyo Grand Prix. The movie stars François Cluzet, Omar Sy and Anne Le Ny (for some they are not so famous, but once you see the movie, you`ll be fascinated by these actors). It is a drama, yet has some comedy scenes.
The movie is based on the true story of Philippe Pozzo Di Borgo, a French aristocrat, who got a dramatic para-glider accident in the French Alps in 1993 being totally deprived of movements from the base of his neck to the tip of his feet.
The main characters, Philippe (François Cluzet) and Driss (Omar Sy) come from different classes and have nothing in common; Phillipe is the aristocrat that is deprived of movements due to his para-glider accident and Driss is the failed robber who just got out of prison. They meet under some funny circumstances and their friendship starts as a play... the script is wonderful, really enjoyable and such a masterpiece. The plot isn`t really complicated but what makes the movie delightful is the complexity of moods and emotions transmitted. The movie has its drama and also its super funny moments (as when both of them went to the opera and Driss makes some scenes; when Phillipe buys an expensive painting and Driss decides to paint his own and Phillipe manages to sucker one of his friends in buying Driss`s painting for an outrageous amount a.s.o.). I`m not gonna spoil the beans and tell you all the movie.
It`s really a masterpiece and YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS MOVIE!
If you don`t like it, then I`ll deeply apologize for wasting a couple of hours of your life!

Why I loved this movie?
- because I realized that being rich isn`t enough, affording everything won`t make you happy - Phillipe had everything but that stupid accident has stopped his from living! he only can move his head and depends on the help of others - his friends, employees show him pity! That`s the saddest thing ever! (Before his birthday, he says Driss that his friends only come to his birthday to see if he`s still alive! I`ve almost burst into tears to his line...)
- a true friend is hard to find! it doesn`t matter your skin color as long as you`re a true human and a great friend!
- you should enjoy your life and live every moment as if you won`t get a second chance
- it had a happy ending, Phillipe found the woman who understands him and who supports him for whom he really is, not for his fortune
- it`s a true lesson of life!
I could go on and on and on, but I won`t get as close as how wonderful this movie is, and as much as I write I feel like I don`t do it justice...
I`m really happy that the movie already won the awards, because it`s really awesome!


Have you seen this movie? Do you like French movies?

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