International Women`s Day: History

Today we celebrate the International Women`s Day and so i went to find out more about the story behind the date.

"On Day 8 of March, 1857, workers of a textile factory, situated in the North American city of New York, made a big strike. They occupied the factory and began to demand better working conditions, such as reducing the daily workload for ten hours (the plants required 16 hours of daily work), equal pay with men (women came to receive up to one third the salary of a man, to perform the same type of work) and decent treatment in the workplace.

The demonstration was suppressed with total violence. The women were locked inside the factory, which was burned. About 130 weavers died carbonized in a totally inhuman act.

But only in 1910, during a conference in Denmark, it was decided that March 8 would be the "International Women`s Day" in honor of women who died in 1857 at the factory. But only in 1975, by decree, the date was made official by the United Nations (UN)." (Source at Source Link)

I was completely horrified by this! While I believe in big rewards for big sacrifices, I can not help but be shocked by the treatment that these women had, just for wanting to be treated as human beings.

For those women, i just don`t celebrate today, i celebrate everyday the fact that i`m a woman. And just live my life, like i believe they would if they were given the opportunity.

Be happy! :)
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