International Delight: Sweet amp Creamy Iced Coffee

5 years ago

I`ve always been a huge fan of Iced Coffee...well, coffee in general. On a weekly basis i find myself buying coffee to go at least 2-3 times..which can add up. Well, lately i`ve been trying to cut back on my iced coffee addiction-more so to ease up on spending so much money on coffees.
So, while at the store over the weekend i was in the cooler section about to put gallon of milk in my cart when i saw this! International Delight`s "Sweet & Creamy Iced Coffee" ..I instantly added to my cart and went on my merry way.
For only $4 i thought this would be a great way to bring coffees from home to work-this carton would get me at least 3-4 cups. I have clear cups and lids that someone had given me so i used those-plus they came in handy at work as i could just throw them away when i was finished with the drink.
Basically you shake the carton and pour the coffee over ice and its ready to go! This iced drink has with 100% premium Arabica coffee, its very thick and creamy. My first impression of this drink was that it didnt really taste as if it had any sort of coffee in it at all..and was extremely sweet. To be honest i didnt like it-i do like sweet flavoring to my coffee but not so much to where that is all i taste. I may try to add some coffee brewed at home to it to see if it taste any stronger and not so sugary.
This i believe is new to grocery stores and comes in 3 different flavors..original, mocha, and vanilla.
I probably wouldnt suggest this to someone unless they perferred there coffee extra sweet. I like the idea and convenience but not so much the taste. I may end up trying one of the other 2 flavors just to see if i like them.

Have you tried International Delights Sweet & Creamy Iced Coffee? If not what is your favorite kind of cup of joe?

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