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4 years ago

There are a few interesting facts that you need to know about the iPad 3. As the launch date gets closer & closer, your excitement will also be building up immensely. Folks!, Now get set to feel the technology heat by knowing some details about the Apple iPad 3 that you wouldnt have heard of before. These interesting facts are:
1) The screen of the iPad 3 is a H.D one. It is so high-definition that the moment you look away after looking into the screen, the world around you becomes pixelated. The screen provides the real-world feel whereas the real-world is turned into an object here.
2) Battery life here is more than awesome!. You neednt have to worry about recharging it often. In fact you have to worry about recharging yourself more than recharging the battery.
3) Mint money with your gadget. Use the various applications that are custom-made for money making & become rich overnight.
4) Dont be afraid to go out in the dark!. With the iPad 3s night light, your fears vanish.
5) Tattoo Your iPad 3 as you tattoo yourself. Get all your favorite characters tattooed on your tablet . This would make your friends jealous.
6) Make the gadget your emergency handler. Whenever you are stuck in an emergency, count on your favorite tablet to help you. Yes, there are a lot of features through which you can even tackle emergencies effectively.
So, pre-book your iPad 3 now/wait for it to be available in stores & enhance your life.

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