Interesting Beauty Hacks: You May or May not Know

You may or may not know about these tips and tricks but these are the ones i personally didn`t know and found interesting.

Winged Eyeliner with a Spoon- For a precise winged eye liner look, hold a spoon (handle) at the corner of your eye and draw a line outwards, then draw a line down towards eyelid and fill in to finish the look.

Nail Art with Band-Aid- I don`t know how well this would work i would think the sticky part of the band aid would take off the base coat, but it`s worth the try! Paint your basecoat on your nail and after it dries put the sticky part of the band aid over your nail and paint over the band aid with a different color to create perfect polka dots.

Use Mascara as Eyeliner- Take a angled eyeliner brush and swipe some mascara off your wand, line your upper and lower lashes, then finish your look with any mascara! This would be great if you forgot an eyeliner if you`re traveling.

DIY Gel Eyeliner- Take any Kohl eyeliner pencil and heat the tip with a lighter or candle, wait 15 seconds to cool then line your eyes! TA-DA it`s smooth and doesn`t tug your eyelid.

DIY Lip Plumping Lip gloss- Take your lip gloss you want to wear for the day and add a couple of drops of peppermint oil to the lip gloss and put on your lips!

Trim Split Ends at Home- section your hair in two sections and twist, after twisting snip away any hairs that are sticking out. (If anyone knew about this comment below and let me know if it actually works, i`m scared i would chop all my hair off).

Crease Proof Under Eyes- Before you apply concealer put on an primer under your eyes then add concealer with a beauty blending sponge, add powder over top concealer to keep it all in place.

*This information is from Pinterest, to see photos and more tips click the source link*

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