Instagram was so last year. Say hello to the Holga iPhone Lens

5 years ago

We all know how awesome the app Instagram is. After all, it`s free and it allows you to edit your pictures and share them with friends. It`s also super simple to use, so I can`t deny that it`s an amazing app. But now there`s a new toy on the market that I think iPhone users should also take a look at. It`s the Holga iPhone Lens.

<strong>It`s a rotating disk with 9 different lenses:
<ol> <li>dreamy vignettes</li> <li>vibrant red and green lenses</li> <li>multi-image lenses for Spidey vision</li> <li>macro lens for beautiful close-up detail</li> <li>red, blue, and yellow filters with clear center to frame objects</li> </ol></strong>

I know this won`t be as hot as Instagram considering Instagram is a free app and all. But this does some like a cool, little add-on to the iPhone. It`s $30, but for $30 you`re getting 9 super fun lenses! That`s like nine separate new toys for your iPhone.

It`s just as simple to use as Instagram is. All you have to do is rotate the disk to select the lens you will like. And you can preview the effect on your iPhone before shooting away!

Here`s the official list of lenses if you are interested:

<strong> Dual Image Lens </strong>- Makes 2 identical images in one frame
<strong> Triple Image Lens </strong>- Makes 3 identical images in one frame
<strong> Quadruple Image Lens </strong>- Makes - wait for it - 4 identical images in one frame
<strong> Macro Lens </strong>- Get close-up on your subject for amazing detail!
<strong> Red Filter with Clear Heart Shape Center </strong>- Red color filter with a clear, heart-shaped center
<strong> Red Filter </strong>- For a rose-colored look
<strong> Green Filter</strong> - Give your photos a green tinge
<strong> Yellow Filter with Clear Center </strong>- A yellow color filter with a clear circle at the center.
<strong> Blue Filter with Clear Center </strong>- A blue color filter with a clear circle at the center
<strong> Holga Hole </strong>- A soft lo-fi vignette around your image

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