Instagram Username Ideas?

4 years ago

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I`m sure almost everyone here on Luuux knows what Instagram is. Everyone seems to be raving about this application for quite some time now. I am quite intrigued by this itunes app, yet I haven`t made an account yet. Reason being is I lack creativity when it comes to thinking up of a username. There are ones where I think people came up with clever/cute ones. I would like to think of something that fits my personality, but I don`t something too simple with just my initials (although I admit it will be my last resort if I can`t think of any clever ones). There were also ones with people rhyming their names with clever words. Unfortunately, my name doesn`t rhyme with anything clever except ones that sound like it could be made fun of. :(

<strong>Do you use instagram? How did you came up with your username? Any suggestions or creativity you`d like to share as I sit and ponder about what I can come up with?</strong> Please share below as your ideas are greatly appreciated. Thank! :)

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