Instagram Obsession :)

Well, My latesed obsession is with INSTAGRAM:) !!!!
For people who don`t know a lot about INSTAGRAM:) It is a app that you can get on your smart phones, ipads and on your computer that you use to put up photos and comment on.

On instagram, I put up my life and how I feel on my page and the effects on it is so cool. When I am changing my photos or making them a diffrent color I feel like I am a photographer in the making.

You can like and comment on other peoples pictures.I posted a picture on INSTAGRAM:) and i timed how long it would take for someone to comment and like my photo and it only took 20 seconds for someone to like it and 10 for someone to comment!!!

To have friends on instagram is fun because you get to see what they post and what the comment on. If you write something bad you can get reported and they can send you a e-mail saying that you cant go on instagram for a period of time

Hope you guys go on instagram and write your names down below and i will try to follow you if you would like me to. :p Bye Bye!!

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