Inside of a futuristic concept car

5 years ago

This futuristic concept car bound for Frankfurt is called ForVision, which will be presented at Frankfurt Motor Show 2011, and is focused on improving efficiency, reducing weight, and managing temperature. This is a truly innovative product solutions and materials in terms of isolation, refraction, light structures and energy management.

For reducing weight, lightweight materials, including wheel rims made entirely from plastic and a new carbon fiber Tridion safety cell, are extensively used throughout this car to reduce almost 150kgs.

As for managing temperature, a range of insulating foams and heat reflective paints have been specially developed to keep the cabin warm in winter and cool in summer, including a transparent solar-panel roof which generates power to keep the cooling fans running, and a heat-shield coating technology for windows and windshield that reflects more sunlight away from the vehicle.

Inspired by its ForSpeed concept car, the new design come with larger, more rounded headlights, carved door panels and honeycomb shapes throughout, there are also see-through dashboard and clear OLEDs for internal lighting at night, while the hexagonal roofs transparent OLEDs replace conventional lighting, that not only let in extra light to the cabin but also capture solar energy to power interior lighting and climate system.

Although its still very much a concept, Smart admitted that the styling would certainly be a part of the future Fortwo and that some of the technology, including the heat reflective paint, transparent solar panels and plastic wheels were only a couple of years away from production.

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