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4 years ago

I did a post a few weeks ago, on receiving the Insanity workout. I was ridiculousy excited about starting my workout. I won`t lie, I was pretty nervous since I`ve seen what the workout entails. However, I had to stop 8 days into it. The workout is 6 days. I began on a Monday and worked out through Saturday. Then worked out Monday and Tuesday of last week.

I did say however, right? Last week Wednesday morning I woke up with a terrible pain in my chest. I thought it would go away but it only got worse. I thought I was having a heart attack. My hubby rushed me to the hospital. It turns out it was my gallbladder. I had it removed the following day. I was told it was the reason my chest pain was so severe. When the dr pulled it out it was 3 times its normal size. They were surprised I hadn`t felt pain prior. I had 41 stones in there, and had to have 4 incisions on my stomach to have it removed. Because of that I can`t lift over 10lbs nor work out for 4 weeks! Blah!

Anyhow, the image above it the 1st day I started the workout. The 2nd image is at exactly 1 week later, prior to my 7th workout. I hope you all can see a the difference as I can. Its mainly in my stomach area, and the curve on my back. I ended up dropping 4lbs, and losing an inch in my stomach. Doesn`t seem like a lot. While I consider myself overweight, I`m thick, and my skin is pretty tight. I will build muscle before I start to see a lot of weight loss.

In the matter of a week I am almost completing a full push up. The man push up, as in not on my knees which is what I`m used to. The workout is really, really difficult. Especially for those who haven`t worked out in a while like myself. One move requieres you to jump up, bring your knees up to your waist, and tap your knees with your hands. That was a tough one. The people in the video literally were like frogs. SHowoffs! I spent most of my workout cursing at the screen.

I`m hoping to get back to working out as soon as possible. It sucks having to start over once yu have gotten into that workout kick.

Have you began working out? Have you tried Insanity?
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