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4 years ago

Woke up at 6:15 am this morning to fit in a quick circuit before heading to work. On Fridays, I usually squeeze in a workout in the mornings as my boyfriend usually comes to visit me, which means I would want to spend more time with him.

So today, I decided to jumpstart my day with my favorite workout DVD, Insanity!

I actually completed the 60 day challenge a year ago and I`ve managed to get very lean and cut, with a 4-pack =) Now, I usually do an Insanity circuit once or twice a week as part of my regular fitness regime.

Personally, my favorite is the Plyometric Cardio Circuit. It`s only 45 minutes long, but it kicks your butt and you feel the burn. It`s perfect for my mornings.

Plyometrics basically refers to exercises that involve a lot of jumping.

How the Insanity program works is having a 10 minute warm up involving circuit moves that gradually increase in speed and intensity. Then there`s a 5 minute stretch that involves a lot of yoga moves to prepare your muscles.

The first 12 minutes, you go through a circuit series that targets your lower body. Each circuit is 2 minutes long with a 30 second rest in between. The circuit is repeated three times with a last push at the last circuit.

The Plyometrics circuit begins with:
1. Suicide Drills - Run side to side while touching the floor in the middle
2. Power Squats - I explained this move quite thoroughly in one of my posts =)
3. Mountain Climbers - you do high knees while lifting your arms above your head as if you`re climbing
4. Ski abs - You jump side to side with your legs together

At the last circuit, you expect a rest, however, you are told to do Switch feet. This move is basically like doing lunges but with straight legs. While you jump, your right leg goes forward and your left leg back. When you do the second jump, your left leg goes forward and your right leg back. Your opposite arm goes front with every jump. At the end of the circuit, you do 2 rounds of football sprints which is very easy.

The second circuit is mostly upper body work which KILLS!

You start off with:
1. Basketball Jumps - Starting in a squat, jump up and shoot as if you have a basketball
2. Level 1 drills - 4 pushups, plank runs for 8 reps, a burpee and repeat 5 times
3. Ski abs - Starting with plank, your legs jump to the left. You go back to plank. Then your legs jump to the right. You repeat for 30 seconds
4. In and out abs - This one is a lot easier than ski abs. You start with plank. You jump in, then you jump out again.

This circuit is repeated 3 times as well. At the last circuit, there`s a 2 minute push where you do jabs, cross jumping jacks, upper cuts and finally another set of jabs but you squat down lower.

At last, you do a 3 minute stretch. And then its OVER!

And yes, it really is that intense, but you do burn a lot of calories during this workout. Within 45 minutes, I would generally torch 300 calories. Considering I worked out every part of my body including my back. The after burn is the most important part. Circuit training burns 30% more calories than steady cardio after the workout is complete.

And the lady in the photo, her name is Tania and she`s one of the most powerful Insanity demonstrators in the video. She screams and yells a lot though =P

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