Insanity Max Interval Sports Training Review

4 years ago

Last week, I did the Insanity Max Interval Training DVD and I ended up being in complete pain for 3 days straight. Though I was in pain, I still powerthroughed my other workouts though.

This workout is different in that each circuit is different, you don`t repeat any circuits unlike the other DVDs, and you don`t stretch until the end. Normally you do a quick stretch after the warm up.

This is about 1 hour long and you do end up burning a good amount of calories from all the intense exercises.

The main circuits are boxing, football, basketball, gymnastics and sprinting.

The first one, boxing was a breeze for me, because I box train regularly so my punches are straight, fast and my leg work is good as well. The power jump exercise killed me though. You do 8 jabs then you jump high 8 times. When you`re in the air, you use your abs to lift your knees to your hips.

The second circuit was football. I hated this circuit, mostly because I don`t enjoy football. The first exercise was killer, you`re in a low plank for 2 minutes pulsing up and down. Plank work is already hard but adding pulses would KILL! The last exercise was more jumping around. Though still hard, it was a lot better than the powerjumps because you don`t have to lift your knees.

I enjoyed the basketball circuit because the exercises seemed to work your entire body rather than parts of it. When your entire body is involved, the workout is a lot easier. A lot of the exercises in this circuit are repeats of the first month`s Plyometric Cardio circuit. There are squats, basketball jumps as well as suicide drills. But they are harder now because you have to do them consistently for 1 - 2 minutes straight rather than 15 seconds and rest.

The gymnastics circuit nearly killed me. You need a lot of core muscle to do this workout because each one targets your core fully. The first set involved being in a C-sit position and your legs off the floor with only your abs, your arms and your bum to support it. You end up kicking and moving your legs for 1 minute straight and your abs KILL.

If that`s not enough, you do MORE core work by doing V pushups and bronco jumps. Bronco jumps are when you jump into your arms, landing on your arms and your feet are jump above you. That one killed and for starters, you have to be very careful because you`re already tired and you may not have the strength to pull your legs up, resulting to falling and hurting yourself.

The last circuit for sprinting, I loved because I`m a runner. The sprints were hard first from building up from 15 seconds to 60 seconds but were a lot easier when it went from 60 seconds to 15 seconds.

Overall, I`m surprised I could still keep up with this circuit after I haven`t done Insanity in 1 year. I`m glad I did though because it was worth it. I think I`ll be doing this circuit once a week.

Hope that helps.

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