Innovative Building - quotLucky Coinquot

Is already under construction in China and not leave anyone indifferent

By this time next year, a walk along the Pearl River in Guangzhou, China, will come with a bonus: a vision of Guangdong, the research center / warehouse Plastics. Far from being just another building, this has cost 130 million Euros and is inspired by an object Cantonese traditionally associated with luck and good fortune. A unique construction with 138 meters high, with a hole 47 meters in diameter in the center, this is a milestone that will be hard to miss.

"It is a fusion of Western and Chinese design," says chief engineer of the project, Wang Zhanshan. "The distinctive feature of the building is that it is shaped like a water wheel and also has good feng shui to attract wealth. A gold coin, jade or water wheel along the river to the Cantonese means lucky .. . Water brings money "

Unfortunately, like all unusual architecture, the initial response has been less positive. Some residents are unhappy with the shape of the building. But as the Eiffel Tower was initially vehement detractors, the Italian architect behind the project, Joseph di Pasquale, hopes that its structure look evoking a feeling similar to future visitors to the city of Guangzhou and will eventually be widely accepted and revered.

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