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So this is my first post on here, lets see how this goes! =)

Recently I traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada a couple of weeks ago for vacation. While there, instead of dedicating myself to scouting Sephora, I went straight to Inglot Cosmetics. It`s a small store, with minimalistic white floors, walls and black displays, nothing much. They sell the basic lipsticks, glosses, nailpolishes, blushes, foundations, pigments, cream eyeliners, etc. I was very very impressed by their range of colors, especially in eyeshadows and nail polishes.

I have been a SUPER FAN of INGLOT COSMETICS for a few years now but it was hard to get your hands on these cosmetics due to the fact that they were not available in the US until about three years ago and even then I traveled to New York (Time Square) to get my hands on INGLOT COSMETICS.

What I wanted to FAV about was their "freedom system" where they give you a magnetized board on which you stick the eyeshadow pans of your choice, arrange them in the order you want and then they make your palette in the back of the store. The empty 10 shadow palettes were $14 each. Single shadows retailed for about $12, so if you got the palettes they were $5 each. The eyeshadow pans are square, maybe an inch and a half on each side, so they`re big. I don`t know about you, but I call this a pretty good deal! That is 10 eye shadows for $64.00 total!

I got TWO more 10-shadow magnetic palettes to add to my kit. The tops of the palettes are frosted hard plastic with INGLOT stamped in a repeated pattern and one tiny magnet on each corner, by which they attach to the palette. They are also stack-able, meaning they attach to each other as well, which is great for traveling and saving space in your kit/makeup box.

I`ll try my best to write color descriptions, but here are pictures/swatches:
Top Palette, clockwise starting from top left:
1. white with blue moonlight iridescence
2.pearlized peachy color
3. pale pearlized yellow with tiny sparkles
4. dusty pearlized rose color
5. medium teal with pearlized gold undertones
6.brownish-copper (pearlized) with tiny gold sparkles
7. matte medium brown with gold sparkles
8. pearlized dark brownish olive
9. dark pearl gray with blue/pink/green sparlies throughout
10. dark matte brown with pink/golden/greenish iridescence

Bottom Palette, same order:
1. bright matte yellow with sparkles
2. bright raspberry pink with golden sparkles throughout
3. pearlized purple, I think it goes more to the reddish side
4. neutral sparkly champaigne-khaki
5. soft pear lime green
6. dark muted gold
7. the same pale peach as the other palette ( i picked the same color twice by mistake, boo!)
8. dark violet-burgundy
9. bright matte orange with sparkles throughout
10. pearl cobalt blue

The shadows are soft, easily blendable, highly pigmented. In other words: perfect. The yellow, raspberry, and orange are a matte base with sparkles, which I found interesting (the texture play). It`s not an overdose of sparkle and shine, which is sometimes good especially with brighter colors.

Well, that`s it for the haul/review of INGLOT! They now have a US online website that you can order from. They are great products at a great price, 100% recommended to anyone.

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