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Be in perfumes, massage oils, body creams, aroma always brings some kind of sense does not it? Who has not felt a perfume in a person and remembered another? Or felt smell of home cooking and remembered his mother`s cooking? This happens because when we inhale some essence, our olfactory cells are stimulated, causing the impulse to the brain, which is connected to all memory, breathing and circulation.

Every fragrance has the power to cause a sensation, I, for example, went to a doctor who simply hated, and I felt very bad for the things he told me, and I was wearing a perfume that had just won my birthday the day before, what happened? Never used the perfume, even tried, but every time I wore felt like the doctor! How strange is not it?
Knowing that the aroma can bring us several sensations, for thousands of years aromatherapy has been created, a therapy that heals, prevents and treats diseases by scents, since the inhalation of some flavoring may indirectly cause the brain there is the system immune.
Aromatherapy is a branch of herbal medicine, which is to use scents of various plants to help in the treatment or prevention of psychological problems, physical, and can treat and beautify the skin.
Interesting is not it? In addition to perfuming our bodies and environments, the aroma can bring us many benefits, see some more of them:
Aromatherapy can be applied for various purposes from body to mind:
- Body: muscle pain, aids in wound healing, digestion, helps in removing toxins from the body, also helps reduce stress, tension, respiratory problems, reduces anxiety, helps control pain and cramping, and vaginal infections.
- Mind: Assists in the treatment of phobias, insomnia, acts as an antidepressant, soothes, enhances self esteem, diminishes the sadness, improves sleep, boosts the brain, some even have an aphrodisiac effect.
Many also believe that aromatherapy helps in espiritutal hand, can take part in the practice of meditation, as some scents have a calming effect.
Aromatherapy is often used with oils made from roots, leaves and flowers. Just as perfumes, these oils have various concentrations of substance, some have weaker scents that last up to 24 hours, others are stronger, where the fragrance evaporates after three days and others lasting up to one week.
Aromatherapy can be used externally and internally.
- External: applied directly to the skin, as for massage treatment of skin and wound, and swimming, bathing in the aroma is also inhaled, but also skin is absorbed. Besides the application to the skin, the scents can also be applied in the air as burning incense, activating the smell, where the aroma will conduct impulses to the brain.
- Internal: ingested by the body, making the dilution water or food, direct acting on the immune system.
The downside is the price of aromatherapy, as to produce the oils is a very expensive process, but you can enjoy the aroma of simple shapes like lighting incense, perfume sprays environments and aroma diffusers and aromatic baths, oils simpler .
Aromatherapy is completely safe, but if you want to enjoy it, look for a specialist! It will feel cool treat various smells is not it?

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