Influenster: Vitality VoxBox

Hey Luuuxer!

This post has been long overdue but I finally got around to write about the Vitality VoxBox from influenster.

What came in the box:

~ First Degree Advanced Burn Cream: $5.97
~Playtex Sport Fresh Balance: $3.99
~Elizabeth Arden FLAWLESS FUTURE Powered by Ceramide Caplet Serum: $60
~Pure Leaf Iced Tea
~Softlips Cube: $3.49
~Bikini Ready Energy Gummies: $14.99

I love coming home and seeing an influenster box at my front door (like Christmas morning or something). So I was ecstatic was I qualified for this box. So let me break down a quick review on each of the products I received.

First Degree Burn Cream: Works pretty well. I burned my hand on a hot glue gun recently so I supposed it was convenient that I had this VoxBox. I put a little dab of it on and instantly cooled my burn down and yay no scar!

Playtex Sport: I`m familiar with this product already so nothing new. Works as tampons should nothing too exciting here.

Elizabeth Arden FLAWLESS FUTURE: This is was I was anticipating the most because it as the most expensive product I received. I have to say I was a little bit disappointed. I didn`t really notice any difference but I`ve only been using it for less than a month sooo let`s put a pin in that.

Pure Leaf Iced Tea: Regular consumer of this product love their black tea, nothing new here.

Softlips Cube: This was my favorite product I received (sad because it was one of the cheapest but what are you gonna do I love cute little things). I`ve been meaning to try this but hadn`t gotten around to buying it so super excited it was in the box. Love the smell of it, just like the regular stick softlips but in a cube. No complaints here! Loved it!

Bikini Ready Energy Gummies: This was the most interesting product to me. Like many people I`m always trying to get skinny. These gummies are supposed to be kind of an energy supplement that aids in boosting metabolism. Taste was good. Energy wise I don`t believe it gave me as much energy as a cup of coffee. The only problem I had with this product was that I thought it was kind of ridiculous that you needed to take 5 gummies a day. At once....

**I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from influenster**

Thank you for reading!
Happy luuuxing!

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