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2 years ago

I am pretty ecstatic to share this post with you guys. A few weeks ago, I got an email telling me that I had been selected for the Dean List Voxbox from influenster. I was so excited to hear this. I am always glad to get voxboxes and this one matched me perfectly since I just recently started college. I have to say that this voxbox was pretty balanced. It matched the theme very well and contained a good variety of products/food. I got a snack, a few beauty items, a pen, and some female products. All the items in the box are necessities for a college student like myself. Lets get onto the box itself!

The first item in the box are these beautiful lashes from Kiss. These particular lashes are intended to look natural which is exactly what I want when it comes to false lashes. (Kinda contradictory I know, but hopefully you get my point) I dont wear lashes often, but these look like something I can see myself wearing for special events.. and maybe even this Halloween?

The next item in my box is actually one that I saw in the store a while ago. I wanted to get it and give it a try, but I held back since I had so much chapsticks at home. The design of the chapstick was so cool though. The softlips cube just looked so cool and I had tried other softlip products and they all worked so well for me. This chapstick is a 5 in 1. It hydrates, replenishes, soothes, protects, and shines your lips. Im not sure if it does all these things, but it certainly does make my lips feel nourished! It reminds me a bit of EOS and with that being said, my concern for it is the size and bulk of it. The shape just makes it hard to carry around which is sad.

The next item in the box is something that I have also been wanting to get. Since coming up to college, I didnt get a chance to bring all my nail polishes and a color that I was missing was red. So its perfect that inside my voxbox is the color No Text Red by Sinful colors. The polish came with a little card that said, Paint your thumbnail red as a reminder to not text and to drive safely. I think this is really cool an awesome way to spread awareness for this matter. The polish color itself is a red with an orange undertone. Its definitely unique than most reds out there!

The next item in my box was a really cool one! It was the Frixion pens from Pilot and what makes these pens special is the fact that they can erase with heat. All you have to do is rub the back of the pen against the words that you want to remove and with the power of heat, the ink goes away! How cool is that!!? This is perfect for when I am taking notes and I mess up! (which happens all the time!!)

The next item I got are the airhead bites. I actually tried these before and loved them a lot. They are basically airheads in ball form. The ball shape makes it much easier to carry around and snack with in class!

The next two items were essential to me in college. The first are the cough drops from Luden. Now that winter is coming up, I am 100% sure that I will be getting sick at least once. Its unavoidable for me, so its nice to have these cough drops on hands. Unfortunately, the cough drops that I got tasted soooo good. I loved the watermelon flavor so much that I ate it all without even being sick,,, whoops. I guess I need more soon!
The next essential item I received was the Playtex Sport Fresh Balance tampon. I havent used these yet, but I know they will be useful in the future! These particular tampon is lightly scented so I am interested to try them out.. !!
Overall I really like what I got in my Deans List voxbox. Everything inside is useful to me and I loved the balance of the types of items I received!! Thank you Influenster!

*Pictures are mine and I received all products complimentary for review*

Have you tried any of the products that I showed above? What are your experiences with them?
Have you ever gotten any voxboxes?

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