Influenster Deans List Voxbox!

2 years ago

Guys I`m so excited!

If you don`t know Influenster is a website where you can sign up and start earning badges. You earn badges by taking surveys and giving reviews and in exchange they will sent you free products to review!

I got the Deans List Voxbox (a voxbox is the name of the package that influenster sends us) and there was a ton of stuff. I got a package of playtex sport tampons, airheads bites, a sinful colors polish in no text red, a soft lips cube chapstick, covergirl ready set gorgeous foundation, kiss lashes, and 2 pens by pilot.

I`m really excited to try most of these items! I`ve tried playtex sport in the past and really enjoyed them. They worked extremely well.

The airheads bites I really like more than the original ones. You can a variety of flavors instead of just one. They taste exactly like regular airheads but they don`t get sticky as well. So overall I am really happy with those (I also ate the entire bag prior to writing this).

Now the soft lips is really great as well. Everyone can use a good chapstick and we all know that soft lips is one of the best. They followed the trend of oddly shaped chapsticks and I have to say it`s working. The packaging is nice and the product is great. The chapstick smells minty in the container and I can feel the tingle on my lips from the mint. It seems like it will be a really nice product.

The sinful colors nail polish in no text red is to die for. It`s the perfect classic red. I feel like if Marilyn Monroe would pick a nail polish today this would be the color for her. It is really thick and shiny and I only had to do one coat in order to make it opaque! I haven`t worn this for more than a couple hours so I`m not sure the wear time yet but I will for sure get back to you guys about it.

Next I got the Pilot pens which are really good pens. I think that as a college student it`s frustrating to use pen while working on assignments because I tend to mess up. But these pens have an eraser on the ends so it makes them that much more convenient. I feel like these will make their way into my backpack very soon.

I have only tried on the covergirl ready set gorgeous foundation tonight so I`m not sure the wear time or how it will react with my skin. But I do know that this stuff looks really natural on my face. It covers discoloration and seems to be a very good color match for me.

The last thing that I got in my box was a pair of Kiss lashes. Now I`m not a fake eyelash kind of girl. But these look very natural and I think these will blend in really well with my lashes. So I`m really excited to use these.

I will post a separate review on items like the foundation and the nail polish to give you guys my final reviews on it.

I also was suppose to receive Luden`s throat drops but they were sadly not in my box. So I can`t review those for you guys but I hope that you found this first impressions helpful.

Have you guys tried any of these items? Did any of you get this voxbox? Leave your replies in the comments!

Have a good night!

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