Infinity Scarf amp Earrings

Hey Luuuxers! So this is technically design but it`s also fashion. Fashion for the obvious reason that they are fashion items and design because I designed them both... maybe I`ll post there too! So last year a friend of mine wore this really great bright orange dress and I loved the styling. it was really simply, t shirt dress but it had cute little pockets and pleats and frills. So I asked her if I could borrow it so I could copy it and make a pattern for myself. The dress had pleats and a couple other fancy pieces to it that i didn`t know how to do so I figured it out. Well the plan was to give the dress back... but that didn`t happen until a few days ago! Lol, she totally forgot that she owned the dress seeing that she only wore it once before I "borrowed" it. So I decided that as a good measure I should make up for it. So upon the return I also placed these 2 items in the bag so the next time she wears it she will have some perfect accessories! So that`s the story behind these 2 pieces, I love the earrings, I`m going to make a pair for myself!

P.s. the shoes in the shoplink would look so cute with this outfit! I should have taken a picture of the dress!
I haven`t uploaded these earrings to my site yet but of course if you`re interested these can be customized to your needs as well in terms of colors.

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